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Today is a momentous day in heritage for the city of Chicago. Today marks the anniversary of Super Bowl XXX for The Chicago Bears. It also commemorates the anniversary of the “Blizzard” which has brought record-breaking snowfalls and snowfalls to this well-known city. The Vintage Chicago Tribune newsletter devoted it’s past issues to celebrating the significance of these events. A unique concept was presented by co-curator Marianne Mather when she instructed revisiting the wintry outside activities which have been cherished by many generations of Chicagoans. This research led to some breathtaking images by the Tribune archives

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. Curling is a form of sport which first became popular in Chicago towards the begin of the 20th century was the catalyst for the development of the Chicago Curling Club and is still in existence right this moment. A photograph from Washington Park illustrating this new trend and the caption along with it read: “The man with the broom performs a most principal part in the online game. It’s his job to clear each second obstruction that blocks the approach of the stone to be sure it is put in an vicinity that is one of the scoring zones”. Also kids may be observed skating in the South Pond

. In the past the starting of skating season in the Chicago Park District has been welcomed with enthusiasm. People in the vicinity cherished winter sports such as skiing, skating on formal ice skating rinks or on lakes. The very first Chicago Ski Tournament took place at Soldier’s Field on February 2, an event that is major. Eugene Wilson (a Minnesotan unemployed highway employee aged 58) was the winner of the competitors with his incredible -foot leap. The event became an event that marked the return of Midwest sports and ski competitions

. On January 1 The Men’s Two Mile Silver Skates Title Race at Garfield Park reached its halfway point with four main skaters–James De Swarte Bill Carnduff, Al Perry and Chuck Edwards –as seen in the photo accompanying them. They weren’t able to place in the final event despite sitting at the forefront of the race. Del Lamb, from Milwaukee (as depicted by the arrow) gained victory easily, moving up the ranks all through the competitors. The Chicago International Skating Competition attracted a lot of interest to pace skating, it is an incredibly latest sport. The Tribune reported that the inaugural World Championship was held there

. The Silver Skates Derbies, a race that was sponsored by Tribune, began to achieve popularity when they began to appeal to huge audiences to Chicago to race local events from the starting . The report states that about , folks have been present at the time of Arthur Staff’s triumph at the inaugural Silver Skates tournament held at the Humboldt Park Lagoon in January . The event was additional expanded when adding a boys division in and subsequently welcoming women in as well as ladies into . This event has lasted for a lengthy years, and continues to run right this moment. additional particulars can be considered by seeking at extra pictures. Cammi Granato was the Olympic medalist visited Highland Elementary School in Downers Grove on February 1st to reveal the school’s determination

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The Garfield Park speedkating competitors of 1922 marked a turning point for the sport’s heritage. the sport. It earned international fame and notoriety. It was a fierce competitors and Del Lamb, Milwaukee’s winner had a clear win. The event had also an influence on the speedskating the culture of Chicago as a number of skating organizations and golf equipment shaped shortly after the event which additional boosted the popularity of this sport all through the city. It is still remembered fondly by many speedskaters as one of the nice races of all time


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